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Application Process

How To Apply For IHC Status


  1. Complete the Initial Application (for uncredentialed candidates), or Fast-Track Application (for credentialed candidates)

  2. You will be assigned an Application Facilitator who will contact you via email

  3. Submit all required forms listed on your application. All forms are available on the Forms page. 

  4. Pay $300 application fee in full

  5. Make arrangements with your facilitator and a proctor to take the exam

  6. The entire certification process must be completed within 6 months from the date of the approval of your application.


Application Prerequisites


  • A basic homeopathic education which consists of:

    • A minimum of 500 didactic hours of classical homeopathic education from a recognized homeopathic school*

    • A minimum of 250 clinic hours from a recognized homeopathic school

  • A letter of recommendation from the director of the school that awarded the hours

  • An Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology & Disease course of at least 90 hours

  • A minimum of 60 verified seminar/webinar hours

  • 5 supervised cases (minimum 200 word intake description, 2 follow-up dates with brief result descriptions, signature of supervisor)



*The AIHC reserves the right to confirm the school’s credentials

Exam Overview


Part 1 (supervised by a proctor)

  • This is a 3 hour exam in 2 parts - 1.5 hours each

  • Part 1 of the exam will include questions on homeopathic philosophy, materia medica, and repertory knowledge. Part 2 will include questions on the medical sciences including anatomy and pathology, case management, and posology. Our Learning Objectives for the AIHC Exam  will help you plan your studies to prepare for this exam. It will also be helpful for you to see the AIHC Booklist and Remedy List

  • Click here to download sample exam questions.

Part 2 (on a separate day supervised by a qualified proctoring homeopath)

  • Applicant finds a new patient and takes and records that new case in front of a qualified supervising homeopath. After the intake interview, the applicant will analyze and write up the case (approx 2 hours), which the supervising homeopath will submit with the live video case.

  • All five supervised cases and the live video case will be strictly confidential.

As English is commonly accepted as an international language, presently we are only offering the written exam in English. Video cases may be taken in the native language of the homeopath, accompanied by a translated transcript. 

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