Do I need to renew my IHC credential every year?

  • Yes, you must annually renew your IHC credential. You will be contacted by the AIHC in December of every year to renew your certification. The renewal deadline is March 1, of the following new year. The renewal fee is $75 USD annually.

  • Late renewals will be charged an extra $50 USD per month.

  • If an IHC holder does not renew within 12 months after the renewal fee is due, they must recertify with the AIHC.

  • Renewal requires confirmation of attendance to at least two seminars/webinars with a minimum total of 20 hours per year.

  • You will not need to renew in the calendar year that you received your IHC certification.

How do I renew my IHC?

To renew, please complete the IHC Renewal Form and pay the renewal fee.

Is the IHC a legal license to practice homeopathy?

No, the credential IHC is not a license to practice homeopathy anywhere in the world; it is a peer certification and local laws will apply.

More Questions? Email us at info@aihc-cert.com